Sports Dentistry

Custom made mouth guards provide comfort and protection from dental injury.

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in north america! We can make a custom made mouthguard to protect them.

It is recommended that children wear sports mouthguards for hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer as well. A professionally made guard is custom fitted to your child's mouth so that they need not bite down on it for it to stay in. Above all it will stay in place if an accident happens. 

Pinawa Dental is concerned how few children actually wear the store bought guards because they are uncomfortable or don't actually fit. Of course, as children outgrow these appliances, it becomes costly for parents to invest in this device. Pinawa Dental proudly will fabricate a guard for each child who becomes a patient in our dental family. These can even be color coordinated to their uniforms! If you would like more information regarding these appliances, call our office today.

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Get a free custom made mouthguard for all kid patients of Pinawa.

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